Eclectic Music: Turning ordinary people into musicians since 2002.

We care about finding the right fit.

The human connection is very important in music lessons. The teacher and student have to be compatible in temperament and musical interests. The teacher has to be able to provide just the right degree of structure, rigor, and reward for each student.

Our first step is choosing to work with versatile, experienced, personable teachers for whom music education is a priority. The very best teachers have established procedures that ensure success, yet they can adapt their approach to suit an individual student. 

Our second step is finding out about you! That way, we can find the best possible teacher for your musical, personal, and logistical needs. 

We don't stop there. After your first lesson, we will check in with you to see how things went, and will continue to connect with you periodically to see whether your needs are still being met. If a change of teacher or instrument is necessary, we will help to make that transition as smooth as possible. 

Along the way, our students have the opportunity to perform at recitals, festivals, open mics, and more. We are building a community of musicians that you will become part of.

Group Classes for young children

Location: 56 17th Street NE in Ansley Park

Tinker Bells
Students will match sequences of colors and eventually match letters and symbols to create musical phrases on the resonator bells. This class is a great introduction to melody and rhythm patterns for ages 3-5.

Bell Melodies
Often, cognitive skills such as reading, pattern recognition, and sequencing outpace fine motor development. Bell Melodies allows children ages 6 - 9 to jump into reading music and performing songs on their own, without the obstacle of having to get their fingers to cooperate. Yet this class is excellent preparation for piano lessons, because the patterns the child learns will spontaneously translate to the keyboard.

The ukulele is a great starting point for kids ages 4-6 who are interested in playing guitar. Its smaller size and softer nylon strings provide an instantly pleasing sound and allow for faster success.

Preschool Jam Session
Kids ages 3-5 will sing, dance, improvise, try out all kinds of percussion, wind, and string instruments, enjoy musical games, and discover musical patterns. This is the perfect class for kids who want to try it all.