Banging on Things

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Banging on Things


Drums & More!


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Drumming, percussion and loud noises... Your parents may hate it, but you’ll LOVE IT!



  • Rising 3rd-6th | 9am-3pm

SESSION ONE: June 18-22



You ever catch yourself drumming your pencil, squirming in your seat, tapping your foot, bopping to the beat? It is because you’ve got the RHYTHM IN YOU! We all love to bang on things, make noise and feel the beat. In Banging on Things you can learn how to do it here at camp (without driving your parents crazy)! We’ll learn percussion - from the fundamentals of rhythm to complex beats; while playing on all sorts of percussive instruments - from everybody’s favorite, the drum kit, to deep cuts like the Ghanese Gyil, to classics like the xylophone. Musicians of Banging on Things will get to pretty much bang on everything under the sun, learning technique, rhythm and musicality along the way! Camp will end with a groovin’ final Showcase of the skills learned for friends and family!

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Percussion Beginners who have got the beat in them!



  • Small group percussion lessons (on a plethora of instruments including drum kit!)

  • Rhythm lessons and training

  • And the MUSIC OF rock legends, world music, hip hop/rap, & MORE!

  • Rhythm games

  • Beat making & rap creation

  • Percussion ensemble jams

  • Drummer & percussion legends appreciation

  • World Music appreciation

  • Final Showcase!

And the MUSIC OF rock legends, world music, hip hop/rap, & MORE