Founded by Casey McCann in 2002, Eclectic Music provides opportunities for personal growth, self expression, and collaboration through music for people of all ages and musical background.

Through creative, high-quality programming, we are committed to creating a vibrant and passionate community in which everyone's talent is appreciated and valued.

A few hundred students and a few dozen teachers. Three intown studios (Virginia-Highland, Morningside, and in your home). Over a decade's worth of lessons, classes, parties, jam sessions, workshops, camps, recitals, and accidentally dropping picks inside of guitars.

One singular vision: To be the best music school in Atlanta as measured by the strength of our community, the achievement of our students, and the joy of everyone involved.

We believe effort is more important than talent, age is just a number, and the highest  purpose of music is to uplift the human soul.

In our view, the role of a teacher is to be a guide. A good educator  will give you what you need while helping you to figure out what you  want.

At Eclectic Music, that process begins before you even start lessons. We'll consult with you to help map out a musical plan for your family.

When you're ready, please contact us at 404-537-1382,  or via email. We look forward to hearing from you!