afternoon CHILL

AFtercare that actually cares.

 Peaceful afternoons filled with music and play.

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  • Group activities

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Self-paced instrument exploration

  • Music-making

  • Trips to the park

and MORE!


Kids ages 5 to 12 who enjoy experiencing camp in a a quieter, home-like environment.

Imagine a sunny room with vintage carpets, cozy couches and musical instruments lining the walls. Imagine a projector for group movies, art supplies for creating, and world music instruments for afternoon freestyle “jams”. Visualize trips to the park followed by time to choose the instrument you most want to play with. It’s our goal that after our friendly mix of free play and group activities, kids will leave camp feeling recharged rather than exhausted. No more post-camp dinner-time meltdowns, no more A.M. struggles to get to camp because kids are wiped from the day before. Welcome to Eclectic Music’s AFTERNOON CHILL.

Enroll in Afternoon Chill simply selecting the “with aftercare” option in the drop-down box when selecting each of your camp weeks!




(unless otherwise noted as a 4-day holiday camp weeks)

In accordance with georgia state law, we are not able to offer childcare to children under the age of five past 1:00 pm.