Everyone wants to be a drummer.

In a way, everyone is a drummer. We each have a heartbeat - that steady, sure pulse upon which all music is built. It is the most natural thing in the world to clap and tap along with music. In this workshop, we expand on that instinct and harness it to create beautiful grooves on a variety of percussion instruments (including drum kit).

This workshop is meant for kids who have little or no experience playing percussion. In the workshop, they will learn:

  • the names of the different parts of the drumset, how to read drumset notation, and learn to play a basic rock beat.
  • exactly where drum fills are supposed to go.
  • how to use gravity to make drumming a piece of cake.
  • rhythm patterns, starting with the simplest and moving to the more complex.
  • how your own body can become a percussion instrument.
  • to follow directions and integrate their performance with the group.
  • clave rhythms with goncogui (a cowbell with two tones).
  • triplets and eighth note fills with the shekere (a hollow gourd with woven beads around it).
  • hocketing (playing multiple rhythms that alternate between instruments) with djembes and frame drums.
  • African and Afro-Caribbean folk songs to sing while we bang on things.
  • to play with guitarists, pianists, and other instrumentalists.

This workshop (for ages 7-12) will be a great opportunity for creative expression. The week will end with a performance for family and friends.