Learn as many Beatles songs as you can stand!

If there were a Jerry Lee Lewis workshop we'd all be exhausted after the first day. If there were a Leonard Cohen Week, we'd all be too depressed to carry on an hour into it. Nobody on staff is a good enough dancer to pull off Michael Jackson Week, our voices would be worn out after day two of Queen Camp, and there is no way we would subject anyone to Justin Bieber Week, however much they may beg for it.

Now Beatles Week - that has legs. We can probably come up with a week's worth of fun activities inspired by the best band in history, dontcha think?

Back for a sixth summer, this workshop can be adapted to any instrument, age, and skill level (we split participants into groups by both age and experience). You'll learn to play a lot of Beatles songs, sing a bunch more, and listen to even more. Plus, you'll enjoy movies, trivia, the stories behind the songs, and anecdotes about the band and their contemporaries. The week will end with a performance for your family and friends (please note: frenzied screaming should be kept to a minimum).

This workshop is for ages 6-12.

Image © 2000 by Sander Lamme / CC-BY-SA-3.0