Alonso Padron

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Alonso Padron

is a guitar, electric bass, and ukulele teacher at Eclectic Music. He became engrossed with music at the early age of 5, first with the sounds of a record from Venezuela, then from the sounds of both his parents on the piano around the house, his father playing jazz and his mother playing classical, and then finally through his own early piano studies. But it was only when, a few years later, that a friend showed Alonso how to strum a few chords of a song that he became captivated by the guitar, and has been so ever since. He attended college at the University of Georgia, and took courses in music history, theory, and applied studies and has been teaching music professionally since 1999.

Alonso actively performs regionally with bands and duos, ranging in styles from rock, folk, blues, soul, funk, popular, classical, jazz and flamenco. He has also played in several rock outfits such as Street Poets, Los Sonidos, and LB Collective, performing at various venues in Georgia such as The Boar’s Head, The Brandyhouse, Somber Reptile, C.J.’s Landing, The Mansion, Smith’s Olde Bar, and The Strand, and most notably, at the prestigious club Vinyl in midtown, Atlanta. In addition to his active performance career, he has also recorded two original albums and has written and recorded original scoring for Georgia Public Television.

Teaching music combines all of Alonso’s prime interests and passions, which are music, psychology, and interpersonal one-on-one interaction. With an uncanny ability to adapt to different personalities and ages, thereby making it a comfortable learning environment for each student, Alonso also prides himself on a careful balance between being systematic, organized, and detailed in his lessons, while remaining flexible enough to tailor his teaching to every student's goals. Above all, Alonso seeks to inspire his students to inspire themselves.


Guitar (electric & acoustic), Bass, Ukulele.


Rock, Folk, Blues, Soul, Funk, Popular, Classical, Jazz and Flamenco.


Students ages 7 and up.



"I've taken guitar lessons with Alonso for over five years, and it has been a great experience. He impressed me with his own extensive skill and followed through by passing on his knowledge to me as I grew as a guitar player. He makes everything from music theory to jazz scales interesting by tying it to familiar songs and riffs that I recognize. Because of Alonso, playing guitar has become my favorite hobby and an integral part of my life." 

- Michael, student, age 17

"Alonso was my guitar teacher for a total of 6 years. In that time he has inspired me to do what I truly want to do. I've never had someone so patient, and excited to teach me everything he could. Although he wasn't just a teacher, he was my friend, and we didn't always talk about music, we talked about life. We shared our experiences, our troubles, our triumphs whether it was musical or something else. He treated me as an equal which is something you find not often enough in not just a teacher, but for anyone. He is such a compassionate guy, and we made an immediate connection. When it came to music/guitar, he really helped me realize my passion, and not only that but he helped me pursue it as a real career. I'm about to enter Clayton State University's music program and it is all because of Alonso Padron. He is the most inspirational role model I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I'm proud to call him not just my mentor, but my friend. He will always be close to me, and I know that he treats all of his students with respect, patience, and compassion. I believe with all that I am that he is the best guitar teacher for any student. "

 - Cameron, Eclectic Music student of 6 years