Chip Epsten

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teaches Violin for Eclectic Music. Chip has a degree in music from Duke University, Summa cum Laude, 1976, with a major in theory & composition and a minor in violin performance. Chip is classically trained and plays occasionally with regional orchestras, and also has experience with improvisational and popular styles such as rock, jazz, fiddle and klezmer.

Chip has completed 5 Suzuki teacher training courses, through Book 4, and teaches violin in the Suzuki Method, a highly-regarded by-ear form of training. With deciphering notated music out of the picture, at least in the early stages, students are free to concentrate on form, tone and playing in tune, and thus develop a more direct, intuitive relationship to music. More advanced students learn by reading as usual. Chip incorporates music theory into his teaching, his definition being “how music works”.




Classical, Rock, 'Fiddle', Jazz.


Students ages 5 and older.


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