Hila Brod


Hila Brod

is a voice and piano teacher at Eclectic Music. She received her Master’s of Music in Opera Performance from Georgia State University. When she is not performing locally as a Chorus Member with the Atlanta Opera, in local recitals, or as a staff singer in Peachtree Road Lutheran Church, she auditions and performs with many opera companies nationally. Although having an extensive classical background and opera performance resume, Hila initially started singing Rock/Pop music and performed with a local band around the Washington DC, where she is originally from. She also has sung in many wedding bands and feels comfortable teaching all genres of singing, having thoroughly studied vocal pedagogy in her college career.

Hila also has over 10 years of classical piano training. She has played classical repertoire spanning from Bach to Debussy and enjoys teaching students about music theory. She teaches piano to students of all ages, and recently completed Eclectic Music's Playground training, joining the ranks of Playground instructors teaching this creative and playful approach to general music and musicianship to younger students.


Voice, Piano, Playground.


Opera, Classical, Musical Theatre, Contemporary Styles.


Students all ages & abilities!