Janice Vernon



teaches Piano for Eclectic Music. The route to becoming a piano teacher for Ms. Vernon has been a rather circuitous one, but one she has embraced at every turn.  Ms. Vernon began her own piano lessons at age seven. She attended The University of Georgia, pursuing a degree in Piano Performance and then music therapy before she changed her major to social work her senior year. She received her Masters in Social Work and worked in the fields of oncology, gerontology, and later epidemiology at the Centers for Disease Control. Along the way she had three children and took a break from her career to raise them. It was during that time she reconnected with her piano studies, went back to UGA and completed her bachelors and Masters in Music in Piano Pedagogy. Since that time she has enjoyed being an adjunct professor of piano at Georgia State University's Clarkston campus as well as playing keyboard with the DeKalb Symphony Orchestra, as well as percussion and piano with the Georgia Perimeter Wind Ensemble, where she has also sat on the board for the last seven years.  In addition, Ms. Vernon continues as an active participant performing chamber music and accompanying vocalists and instrumentalists in the Atlanta metro area, as well as North Georgia. She is an active volunteer with the Global Village Project, teaching piano to refugee middle school girls. She will also accompany their choir in the coming 2018 school year.

The most compelling reason Ms. Vernon returned to school and pursued her music degree was because she wanted to share with others the gift she felt she had been given early in her her life, the opportunity to learn piano and  have music at her fingertips throughout her life, through times of joy, as well as times of sadness. Playing piano for Ms. Vernon is like always having access to your best friend. It is something you can do alone and feel joy and satisfaction and it is also something you can share with others to give them joy as well. In addition, the discipline one learns through piano practice carries over into all walks of life, and the results of such disciplined practice provide a true sense of accomplishment and achievement.  Playing piano for others also provides an opportunity to experience sharing oneself with others and being willing to take risks.

As a piano teacher, Ms. Vernon is there to guide students on their individual musical journeys, respecting their goals as well as opening their eyes to music they may not yet even be aware they could enjoy. She is always mindful of individual learning styles, looking to engage students using different approaches, meeting the individual how they learn best. She enjoys teaching children who may have special needs, ones who learn outside the box, as she prefers to say. While Classically trained, Ms. Vernon teaches all genres and enjoys them all herself. She loves to teach music theory as she believes it holds the key to understanding music on a deeper level. Ms. Vernon teaches all ages, from five to 85.  She does desire that her students practice each week as that is the best way to move forward faster and develop that sense of discipline and accomplishment. Practice also ultimately helps keep the students engaged as they see their progress. She strives to provide music students will enjoy, while teaching good technique and practice skills, as well as teaching students how to compose music. And lastly, Ms. Vernon is a teacher who strives to be a positive mentor who always nurtures, respects, and looks to create an environment which will promote success for the student.




Classical, Pop/Rock.


Students all ages & abilities welcome!



"Janice is passionate about music, teaching, and her students. She goes above and beyond to prepare lessons for each student as well as make sure they are enjoying the process of learning. Janice's kind spirit and enthusiasm for teaching make her stand out as a teacher. My son says she's heartwarming, too!"

-Jennifer, Parent of Student

I have always wanted to play the piano. At 81 years of age, I started taking piano lessons from Janice Vernon. I was primarily interested in playing church hymns so, along with music theory and finger exercises, Janice immediately began to include easy hymns. She was not only patient with me (a senior citizen!), but she used a method of teaching which had me playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" within just a couple of weeks which was SO exciting. After 8 months, I was playing many hymns, as well as "Liebestraum" (the first 2 pages, that is!) Janice is delightful!  She made my lessons fun and made me feel good about my progress. I was conscientious about practicing because I wanted Janice to be proud of me. I look forward each week to my lessons and spending time with Janice.”

- Louise, Adult Student

"I like the way Ms. Janice always tries to make piano lessons fun. I also like that she gives me different pieces for me to choose and work on."

- Stevie, Child Student