Jason Kenney



is a teacher of guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, piano, bass, and songwriting with Eclectic Music and has an accomplished 15 year career as a successful musician. Born and raised in Dahlonega, GA, Jason cut his teeth with some of the best bluegrass and folk musicians in the country. In 2017, Jason made the leap, moved to the ‘big city’ and now offers weekly lessons in Decatur and Atlanta.

Performing and teaching is Jason Kenney’s  full time occupation. Through years of dedicated playing, writing and teaching, Jason has developed a unique method of combining technique, theory and joyful playing that has helped hundreds of people of all ages find a voice on their instrument. As a professional musician, he has produced and recorded 4 full length albums. Jason’s last album, “Turn This Sorrow Into Joy” was recorded with grammy nominee John Keane (Widespread Panic) and featured Amy Ray (Indigo Girls) along with many other renowned  musicians.

In his lessons, Jason incorporates music theory into the student’s favorite songs in multiple genres including rock, pop, bluegrass, folk, and jazz. In short, Jason customizes his lessons to help students not only learn their instrument, but also understand it and truly enjoy playing.


Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, Piano, Bass, and Songwriting.


Rock, Pop, Bluegrass, Folk, and Jazz.


Students all ages & abilities welcome!



"Jason brings extraordinary energy, musicianship, and technical skills into the classroom. He teaches students to love music and to enjoy the process for learning it."

- Dr. Alice Sampson, GA Pick & Bow Traditional Music School

“An after school program such as ours brings in children ages 9 through 17, and some of the younger ones are there because of their parents wishes more so than their own. Jason is able to bring even the most reluctant student into the world of playing with his good humor, excellent instruction, and encouragement. I can't say enough good things about this inspiring individual.”

- Ann Whitley, Director of Georgia Pick and Bow Traditional Music School

“We first met Jason when our kids were in 5th grade. Jason immediately got “inside their heads” and figured out the absolute best teaching methods for each. All I can say is that seven years later our son is playing guitar in the school jazz band and our daughter is writing her own music and lyrics. Jason is one of the kindest souls on this earth and brings an amazing wealth of musical prowess with him. We are blessed proud to call him teacher and friend.”

- Mike, parent of former students

“Jason is a very talented and dedicated person. His passion for music makes his classes very enthusiastic for the kids. He has been teaching my kids for over 4 years. I do not come from a musicians family, but I believe my kids will carry Jason's lessons forever in their lives. Thank you Jason for your patience and love at each class. We love you.”

- Marisol, parent of students


"Skilled and passionate, Jason Kenney offers the gift of music to all who are interested. If you are ready to study music, the teacher has come."

- Tina, student of Jason Kenney