Jenna Livsey

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is voice, guitar and piano teacher here with Eclectic Music as well as a full-time music therapist at Emory's skilled nursing facility, Budd Terrace. She is also a staff singer at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta. Jenna completed her undergraduate degree in music therapy, her primary instrument being voice, at the University of Georgia, and completed her Master's in Music Therapy at Colorado State University.

Jenna has been singing for her entire life, and has been playing piano since she was eight years old. In college, she learned to play guitar and ukulele as part of her music therapy curriculum. Her college courses incorporated learning many other instruments, including percussion, autoharp, handbells, and more. Jenna has worked with people of all ages, ranging from infants to the elderly. Because of this, she has incorporated all types of music and musical interaction into her practice. Her favorite part of her job is using music to help people become stronger and happier.

Jenna's first priority as a teacher is to understand her students' strengths and learning styles. She takes into account what her students want to get out of music lessons and what they want to play. To ensure that her students fall in love with music, she provides a stress-free, fun learning environment that makes practicing appealing and less like a chore. Most lessons will include warming up, answering questions students have, and playing through pieces to address any issues or alter technique to ensure growth as a musician. But the largest part of lessons with Jenna feature her love of making people laugh while helping students discover strengths and abilities they never knew they had!


Voice, Guitar, Piano, Ukuelele.


Pop, Rock, Classical, Singer/Songwriter, Folk.


Students all ages & abilities welcome!