Kathleen Lang


Kathleen Lang

Kathleen studied classical piano from the age of 6 through high school. She also loved singing and ballet. In college, she changed her focus from piano to musical theater. Right after college, she enjoyed many years of singing and dancing professionally in musical theater productions, in theme parks and on cruise ships. She's been very fortunate because music has always been a major part of her life. She's been teaching with Eclectic Music since 2009 and has built many long-standing relationships with students and their families.

The best way to describe Kathleen's teaching style is a combination of thoroughness and patience. Since more advanced skills are built on the building blocks of basic skills, she makes absolutely sure the basics are understood and mastered before moving on. Everyone learns differently, and she loves to figure out the best way to approach concepts for each individual student.


Piano, Voice, & Audition/Performance Preparation.


Classical, Pop, Musical Theatre, & Rock.


Kathleen loves beginners aged 6 and above. She also has a lot of experience with more experienced students, perfecting music-reading and dynamic skills.



“Three years ago we were introduced to Kathleen Lang. What a blessing she has become. I’m not sure what I would have done without her during the middle school years. She is not only an amazing piano teacher she is also a true friend to my daughter. An adult she can confide in, one who listens and cares about her wellbeing. Over the years, my daughter has had a typical love hate relationship with learning to play the piano. All of that stopped when she began to play with Kathleen. Now that she’s in high school and her schedule has become pretty hectic, she has dropped several activities but, the one thing that she is still personally committed to are her lessons with Kathleen. It’s SOOO much more than just playing the piano.

Holly, Parent of Gigi, 15, student for three years.

“When I was first interested in learning to play the piano I decided I wanted to take lessons. I had a very close friend who was just learning as well, and she recommended me to Kathleen. I am so infinitely grateful I decided to take lessons from her because not only did she prove to be an exceptional teacher, but also an exceptional friend for me and my family. That was almost 9 years ago. Today, because of Kathleen, music is a very big part of my life. She taught me musicianship, and the joy of being able to play an instrument and participate in the art of creating music. I would recommend her as a teacher to absolutely anyone of any age wanting to learn to play the piano. She is patient, kind, and incredibly sweet. Kathleen is one of those teachers you will never forget, because she is truly one of a kind. “

- Owen (student for 7 years), age 17

“Kathleen has been teaching my son for six years, from the time he was seven years old. Her intuitive style and also her structure enabled him to grow into the musician he is today. Kathleen is patient, knows what he can do and holds him accountable. Over the years they have developed a true rapport that is exactly what you want with a music teacher who is one of the only teachers who can have a long term teaching relationship with your child. He has continued beyond the five year promise we originally set thanks to Kathleen's influence and ability to help him discover his own love for the piano. "

- Krista Forsgren, Parent of Ari Ahdieh