Laura Benjamin


is a teacher of piano, voice, and guitar with Eclectic Music and has been involved in music education in various capacities for the past 15 years. She holds her undergraduate degree from Yale University with a major in history, but music has always been her passion; her most formative involvement in college was with her pop a cappella group Out of the Blue. Laura has taught piano, voice, and guitar lessons for many years, specializing in the intersection of singing and playing; many of her students are aspiring performers who learn to sing and accompany themselves. When not teaching young musicians, Laura spends her time raising her 4- and 6-year-old boys and playing music with her husband in their duo “LB Collective” or with their full band; she also enjoys running, biking and playing volleyball.

Laura tries to meet her students where they are at, so they can work together to figure out goals and strategies for attaining those goals. She really enjoys working with students who enjoy playing and singing, either piano or guitar. She is also willing to teach a chordal approach to instruments, especially for singers who really want to learn to accompany themselves effectively, although she will also try to throw in some solid music-reading and theory as well.


Piano, Voice, Guitar, Band Coaching.


Singer/Songwriter, Pop/Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Country, Beginner Classical.


Students all ages & abilities welcome!