Stevie Zapata


Stevie Zapata

is an Atlanta-based music teacher and multi-instrumentalist originally from Miami, Florida. As the child of Colombian immigrants, Stevie’s musical journey began after being gifted a tiny replica guitar from their grandfather; a gift that has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. Having played hundreds of shows throughout the past decade with various bands based in both in Miami and Atlanta, as well as producing several rock and metal albums, Stevie has acquired an extensive amount of real world experience in songwriting, live performance, and instrument maintenance. They have also been a staple camp counselor at Eclectic Music's weekly themed camps for the past year.

Stevie's teaching style is dynamic: first focusing on finding out what a student enjoys most about music, and then creating short-term goals on the student's terms to make sure little victories happen every lesson. Lessons with Stevie provide students with analysis and discussions on music theory, technique, and contemporary application.


Band Coaching, Electric Bass, Drums (Kit), Drums (hand-held, world-music, etc.), Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Melodic Percussion, Piano, Playground, Songwriting, Ukulele, Voice.


Latin, Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Folk, Classical & Musical Theater.


Students ages 5 and up!



"Stevie is first and foremost an amazing musician, versatile both in the multitude of instruments he commands and in the genres he is fluent in. He is also a great teacher, willing to tailor lessons with the right balance of music theory and just dive in song playing. I'd highly recommend him for students at any skill level. “

- Phil , Adult guitar student