Escape the heat of summer with a camp inspired by the coolest movie around.

If you have heard of this movie, you must be pretty hip and cool.

Never mind, let’s be real. Every one of us knows - and probably loves - the movie Frozen. And if you don’t love it, it’s likely because a certain special child in your life may or may not have watched the movie and sung all of the songs ten times per day for the last year-and-a-half. Kids do that, don’t they? They really love stuff… sometimes right into the ground.

If your child fits into this category, what better way for them to spend a week than with a group of other kids who are all crazy for the icy world of Elsa and Anna? Here’s only a sampling of all the cool things we’ll do during Frozen Week at Eclectic Music, back for a second summer:

  • Sing songs from the film (including that little-known number “Let it Go”)
  • Create colorful costumes and sets for a Frozen revue
  • Develop choreography
  • Have fun trying out different instruments (piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, and more) and incorporating them into your performance
  • Create a snow globe
  • Build a snowman (it may not be Olaf, but it’ll still be awesome)
  • Make snow cones (we’ll use traditional methods if it turns out that none of the workshop attendees possess cryokinetic ice-production powers)

Kids will also learn how to perform in front of an audience and strategies for conquering stage fright, which will really come in handy when they’re constructing a giant ice castle in front of a crowd using only their special mind powers. 

Throughout the workshop, attendees will learn techniques for healthy and beautiful singing - know-how that will surely be put to use on a daily basis after the workshop during countless renditions of all their favorite Frozen songs whilst in the shower, eating lunch, drawing pictures, walking the dog, taking a nap, reading books, playing with friends...

While our other weeklong workshops are for ages 6-12, this one is open to kids ages 4 and up.

Ready to sign up for our Frozen summer camp? 

Workshops at Eclectic Music

Location: 56 17th Street NE, Atlanta, GA, 30309 (Ansley Park)

Bring: A bag lunch, any costumes you might like to wear 

We Provide: A team of caring adults, musical instruments, a snack, and lots of fun experiences

About Us: Eclectic Music, established in 2002, offers music lessons, classes, and summer camps. This will be our seventh summer camp season and our second year offering Frozen Week.

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