Songwriting is a kingdom, and you are the ruler.

As you learn music theory, you are creating a map of the sonic landscape. You're starting to understand why certain combinations of notes sound harmonious, and why some sound dissonant. But no map can show everything. There is always uncharted territory, whether it's out in the untamed wilderness or in the secret places of your own heart. No matter how much you learn about music, you will always be able to go beyond the map to play with words and sounds to create something new. There is no right or wrong. As Duke Ellington famously said, "If it sounds good, it is good." 

In our workshop, you will learn the rules and break them as you wish. While aspiring songwriters will get the guidance they need to put words and melody together in a pleasing way, they will also have the opportunity to broaden their creative horizons and eliminate the fear of writing something "bad." Here are just a few of the activities you'll be able to choose from:

  • Creating "chance music" - melodies and harmonies based on musical games (going fishing, rolling dice, drawing cards, and more)
  • Identifying rhythmic and melodic patterns in the everyday sounds around you, and translating them into compositions
  • Using percussion instruments (or even pots and pans!) to come up with a groove
  • Learning the most frequently used chords in modern pop songs 
  • Discovering the secret to creating songs that sound mysterious
  • Brainstorming ideas for memorable song lyrics and learning how to make them flow
  • Writing a song or creating a composition with the entire group
  • Improvising with the five notes that will sound good virtually all the time

The workshop (for ages 7 - 12) will conclude with a showcase for family and friends where you'll have a chance to share the new music you've created.