Back for a second session in November! 

“This class helps you bridge the gap as a music listener from ‘I can’t do that’ to ‘Oh, that’s how you do that.’ I learned to apply knowledge that I already had in order to be my own teacher and learn a song from scratch.” - participant

It's nice to know how to play an instrument. But what you really want is to be musician. 

Does it seem like magic to be able to hear a song and then play it? It's not. 

Join us for a six-week harmony course in which you will:

  • Combine notes in a way that makes everything you play sound great
  • Discover the formula for every major scale and how to use it to play songs you love without having to look up the chords online
  • Learn the six most frequently used chords and how to use them to fake your way into jamming with anyone
  • Use the immortal twelve-bar blues as a shortcut to playing increasingly complex songs
  • Identify and explore the two scales that make pop music sound fresh and interesting 
  • Solve the mystery of all those numbers (7ths, 11ths, sus4s, add9s, etc.) using Duplo blocks
  • Be able to name the chords in a song based on their "colors" without even picking up your instrument
  • Figure out what key something is in and where the chords change

You'll experience music theory from the inside out, allowing you to figure out any song you want based on a solid understanding of why the songwriters made the choices they did. As a special bonus, this means that writing songs will be in your reach because you'll understand the underlying patterns in the music you hear. 

The class, taught by Eclectic Music director Casey McCann, will use plenty of musical examples from rock, pop, R&B, and folk songs from a variety of eras. You'll be able to apply what you learn to any instrument, although harmony instruments (ukulele, guitar, piano, etc.) are the most straightforward. 

The class meets at 56 17th Street NE in Ansley Park on Tuesday nights from 7 PM until 8 PM starting on November 3 and runs through December 15 (no class the week of Thanksgiving). It is open to all musicians and aspiring musicians ages thirteen and up. Tuition is $200. 

The course will include check-ins via email with Casey in order to keep you on track throughout the week.