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part-time educator

Building skill through joyful experiences with music

“Hearing a parent say their four-year-old couldn’t wait to practice, as they witness their child begin to understand music by ear is something amazing to be a part of.”  

- Jen, Playground Teacher


Part-time teaching position for early childhood private and group music classes and lessons. ALL TRAINING PROVIDED FOR CERTIFICATION. Flexible schedule, typically weekday afternoons and options for occasional weekday morning and weekend shifts. Offering five-fifteen hours/week. Located in Inman Park, VAHA, and Morningside, ATL.


Our Playground program is geared specifically to engage the vibrant minds of our younger students through learning the language of music: melody, harmony, and rhythm.

This special program features positive reinforcement only, teaching on multiple instruments (including ukulele, piano, bells, and more), the use of authentic music and folk songs, and plenty of room to move with the students to dance, sing...and jump from activity to activity before anyone gets tired.

All training will be provided by Eclectic Music for Playground Certification.


Cool, kind, creative people who:

  • Are inspired by both teaching young minds and learning from young minds

  • Have kind, curious, and/or artistic personalities (all 3 is a plus)

  • Are interested in developing personal knowledge of music and teaching skills

  • Are interested in interacting with children ages 3-10

  • Are strong communicators and organizers

  • Are willing to participate in ongoing teacher training and development

Previous experience with music SINCERELY not necessary, as all teachers will receive comprehensive music training, but of course prior experience is welcome!


  • Extensive training upon hiring

  • Upon completion of training, employees will:

    • Lead private musicianship lessons for children ages 3-10

    • Have the opportunity for additional work/hours assisting with group classes, camps, or special events

    • Attend ongoing teacher training

    • Foster a positive work environment through being good human excited to work with a team of other good humans!  


If you are excited, please apply! If you are a little afraid of the idea of teaching music, but are still intrigued, definitely apply! We are looking for non-conventional employees, just like you.
We can’t wait to hear from you.


We will be in touch if we are interested in an interview.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us. PLEASE DO NOT DROP BY IN PERSON. We are an active school, running classes and lessons and do not wish to disrupt in any way! Any candidates who make in-person inquiries will be withdrawn from consideration. Thank you for respecting!

We will reach out directly if we think you’ll make a good fit. Thank you!

“Two weeks of intensive learning about music theory, class structure, and how to work with small kids so that they can develop a love for music that will follow them throughout their lives.”

- Khye, Playground Teacher