The Eclectic Music Songwriting Club explores the constraints that inspire creativity.

We experiment with writing songs on toy instruments, writing songs with very specific musical and lyrical parameters ("must be in 3/4 time and contain the word 'onion'"), writing songs within a brutally short time limit, and so on.

Focusing on these constraints allows us to bypass the routines and inner voices that may limit us as songwriters, allowing us to surprise ourselves and each other as we bring something new into the world. 

Limiting the possibilities also places experienced songwriters on the same playground as beginners. In this workshop, all are peers, regardless of experience. 

Our next meeting (free!) will be on Thursday, January 28 at 7 PM at 56 17th Street NE in Ansley Park. RSVP below (required) to receive the songwriting prompt (optional).

We will also meet on Wednesday, February 24 (same time, same place).

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