Four-Week Piano Challenge

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Four-Week Piano Challenge


This course, led by Eclectic Music founder Casey von Neumann, will help you blast through previous piano-related blocks and get to the next level.

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Four the price of two hours of traditional lessons, you get:

Two hours of realtime instruction, in person or via video conference, scheduled at your convenience, PLUS:

  • Feedback on an unlimited number of your video and audio recordings.
  • Detailed practice program and daily accountability. 
  • Unlimited check-ins and answered questions.
  • Interaction with a cohort of fellow students to help support you.
  • Our exclusive course materials, customized to your needs.

Perfect for beginning and intermediate players thirteen and up, this program can be customized to your learning needs and the style of music you want to play. 

The fun begins on Tuesday, September 4. Sign up now!