Special Music Lessons


Greetings! We're testing out a new approach to lessons, and we need beta testers.

We're inviting a limited number of students to enroll from January 2018 until May 2018 at only $15 per 30-minute lesson.

Image via  Flickr

Image via Flickr

We'd actually like to make the lessons free, but we want to charge enough to make sure people will follow through on the lessons they sign up for. However, if you complete at least six weeks of the program, we will refund your tuition!

We are looking for children ages 6 through 8 who have less than six months of experience in music lessons.

Your child will experience a variety of instruments during the lessons. All materials will be supplied, and instruments can be borrowed (with a refundable deposit).

We recommend weekly lessons for best results and to make scheduling easier for everyone. 

Lessons will take place at 1015 Edgewood Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia in Inman Park. However, we are willing to consider a limited number of Skype/FaceTime students as well -- let us know if you are interested in that. 

While the lessons themselves are thirty minutes each, there are a few different options for your family practice commitment outside of lessons.

The commitment levels are as follows:

  • No practice (lessons only)
  • 5 minutes of practice daily 
  • 10 minutes of practice daily
  • 20 minutes of practice daily

(Note that no practice is expected during school breaks.)

You will have the opportunity to specify the level of commitment you wish to make. Obviously, the more you practice outside of lessons, the more progress your child will demonstrate, but we are looking to collect data for all of these levels of commitment. If you prefer to limit your commitment to the lessons only, you'll get no judgment from us!

A little more info regarding practice: Parents are not expected to have musical expertise, and are not expected to sit there and practice with their child the whole time. However, children will need help to get set up and started each day. the idea that if they enjoy playing, they won't need to be reminded to practice is false. Once they get going, children should be able to manage their own practice tasks, but emergent readers and non-readers may need additional support.

Please direct any questions to the contact form above or to @caseymccann on Twitter.

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