Step-by-Step Summer Lesson Enrollment

Using Acuity for Summer Lesson scheduling allows you ultimate say in flexible scheduling around your summer plans! Just follow these simple step by step enrollment instructions and you're on your way.


Step 1 - Acuity.png

STEP ONE: Select an appointment

First, you’ll see a screen that looks something like this:

Here, you’ll select Choose Appointment:

  • Which instrument would you like to schedule the lesson/s for? Click on the first drop-down menu, then sign up for the instrument of your choice.
Step 2 - Acuity.png



STEP TWO: Select a teacher

Next, you’ll click on the second drop-down menu and select which teacher you’d like to schedule the lesson/s with:

Step 3 - Acuity.png




This will bring up their calendar with all available dates for you to select:

  • Click on the date of your choice, then select your lesson time from the drop-down menu of all available times.
Step 4 - Acuity.png

Step four: Customize your schedule

Once you’ve clicked on your lesson time, you have two choices:

  • Click on ‘Continue’ to book a one-time-only lesson or;
  • Click on ‘Recurring’ to book a weekly, regularly-occurring lesson. Doing this will bring you to a menu that will allow you to customize how many recurring lessons you’d like to book, as well as allowing you to book multiple one-time-only lessons for different times and dates:
Step 5 - Acuity.png

Step five: Client Information

After selecting your lesson time/s and date/s, you’ll be brought to the next step, which is entering your personal information:

  • This screen will show you a list of all lesson/s you’ve selected, allowing you to go back and make any needed changes before proceeding. 
  • If you’re new to Eclectic Music, please be sure to fill in all the student info!
  • Then, at the bottom of the info form, click the ‘Pay Now’ button to proceed to the next step:
Step 6 - Acuity.png


StEP SIX: Payment

Next, you’ll use the Secure Payment page to enter your credit card information, noting the total amount owed right above your name.

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Pay and Confirm’ button, you will immediately be redirected to a confirmation page, and will receive an email confirming that your lessons are scheduled.



You’re all set! Go forth and make music.