Private Lesson Tuition Packages

Eclectic Music Private Lessons - Updated September 2019

This is our premier program. Our academic year is divided into two parts: the school-year term and the summer term. Lessons are weekly through the school year (36 scheduled lessons) and flexible through the summer. During the academic year, tuition is paid in installments of four, in advance; during the summer, tuition is paid at the time of booking.

Payment Amounts (includes four lessons per payment)
30-minute lessons weekly: $148 - $168
45-minute lessons weekly: $216 - $248
60-minute lessons weekly: $280 - $320

Other Fees

Books and materials are given as needed and charged when they are received by the student. We will keep credit card information on file and automatically charge for books (up to $40 per semester). 

A la Carte Lessons

A la carte lessons are $37 per half-hour, $54 for 45 minutes, and $70 per hour. Tuition is paid at the time of booking and the lessons are subject to availability.

Call us at 404-537-1382 if you have questions.