Bring the Spirit of Aloha to Georgia!

Musicians from Eddie Vedder to Paul McCartney to Jason Mraz have discovered the spirit of Aloha in the four sweet nylon strings of the ukulele.

It is an instrument with hardly any learning curve - pick it up and you can play today, no matter your age or experience.

Before Eclectic Music's Ultra Uke workshop even begins, you'll get to suggest your favorite songs so that the week can be customized to your interests. You can bring your own ukulele or borrow one of ours.

You'll learn:

  • The handy little song that allows you to tune your uke easily
  • How to hold the ukulele and get a great sound out of it
  • Fifteen folk melodies to play and sing
  • How to read ukulele tab, chord grids, and standard notation
  • Lovely Hawaiian songs the uke was just meant to play
  • New rock, pop, folk and country songs every day, tailored to your requests
  • Music theory tricks that will make it easy to add new songs to your repertoire

You'll also get the opportunity to play in an ensemble setting, work on your solo skills, and find out about the cool things that ukulele players from around the world are doing with their ukes! The workshop (for ages 6-12) will end in a concert for your parents and friends.