Best of Broadway (Week of June 19)

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Best of Broadway (Week of June 19)


Your favorite musical theater songs. 

This workshop meets the week of June 19 from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM each weekday at 1015 Edgewood Ave.

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Our Best of Broadway workshop isn't so much about staging a grand production. We don't even have a stage! It's about the songs themselves - learning them, singing them, playing them, and sharing them.

There are two things that make our workshop special. The first is that it is inclusive. Some people would love to perform musical theater, but haven't had enough experience to compete for roles in their school productions. Some simply enjoy the songs and would like to learn them. And some are musical theater veterans who are committed to getting all the experience they can. All of these needs can be accommodated here.

The second thing that makes our workshop special is that it is student-centered.  This workshop can be what the kids want it to be. We'll find out what each person's musical interests are before the workshop begins, and adapt the workshop as much as possible to the desires of the group. This means that there will be a high degree of collaboration between the camp participants and the adult camp leaders. There will be opportunities for each person to contribute ideas, preferences, and goals while developing leadership ability and confidence.

There is room for all kinds of singers in this workshop, but aspiring pianists, guitarists, wind players, string players, and other instrumentalists can also contribute.

The week will end with a performance for family and friends. Depending on the wishes of the participants, this may take the form of a staged scene, solo performances, small ensembles, or even an original work. Hasn't the magic of Broadway always been to validate our biggest dreams?