Pop Singing (Week of May 29)

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Pop Singing (Week of May 29)


Develop your vocal ability and your creativity.

This workshop meets the week of May 29 from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. each weekday. No class on Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day).

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Like the TV show Glee, you'll have a blast creating your own versions of favorite songs, complete with choreography, costumes, and flashy vocal work. Unlike the TV show, the drama will be limited to whatever story the song lyrics are telling.

You'll be in a group with other kids close to your age. You and your fellow singers will, with the guidance of an expert teacher, get to:

  • Choose the songs you want to sing.
  • Figure out your own harmony parts.
  • Choose the instrumentation (backing track? Or live band?).
  • Learn tricks that help combat stage fright.
  • Create costumes (even sets, if you want!).
  • Learn instrumental skills that fit with the songs you're doing (in one group last year, kids played drums, melodica, and hand percussion).
  • Incorporate a storyline through the use of creative choreography or through the sequencing of the songs.
  • Learn vocal techniques that will help you sound great for the rest of your life.
  • Experience team spirit through collaborating with your fellow singers.

Singing a solo won't be required, but is definitely a possibility! The week will end with a performance for your family and friends.