Weekly Music Camp

Each week of the summer, we take a group of students age seven to twelve and turn them into an ensemble, regardless of their experience or instrument. 

It is built into popular styles of music (i.e., pop, folk, blues, rock, rap, country, etc.) that a person doesn't need a ton of expertise to join in right away. That said, there is still plenty to engage and challenge expert musicians. We take advantage of this flexibility and accessibility to make sure everyone finds a place. In the process, your child will learn music theory, improvisation, playing by ear, and how to maintain a steady tempo along with a group (which can tough for musicians who don't play with others very often). Your child can even learn how to play a new instrument in this camp.

Each week ends with a concert for family and friends.

Use the links below to sign up for the Weekly Music Camp each week. Two weeks are only four days long due to holidays - you can see that cost is prorated.

The Weekly Music Camp runs from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. daily.

In addition to the Weekly Music Camp, we've got Pop Singing, Best of Broadway, and Introduction to Piano.

If you can't attend for five consecutive days, we also have daily programs where you can create your own schedule.