Now Hiring

Eclectic Music is looking for curious individuals who believe effort is more important than talent, age is just a number, and the highest purpose of music is to uplift the human soul.

If that sounds like music to your ears, keep reading to see if there is a spot on the team with your name on it.

Multi-instrument Music teacher: Piano, Uke, & GUitar

We are looking for clever teachers who can teach beginner/intermediate piano, ukulele, AND guitar. Seeking multi-disciplinary teachers who can integrate multiple instruments into a single lesson.

Teachers who can also teach a basic level of self-accompanied singing are a plus!

Music Teacher: All instruments

We are always hiring top level educators and musicians of all instruments and disciplines.

We seek teachers who inspire a true joy of music (not an obligation), never shame their students, and get creative with methods of teaching, understanding sometimes the linear path is not always the answer.

We are actively seeking PIANO, VIOLIN, SAXOPHONE and TRUMPET teachers for the upcoming school semester.